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Citizen Diamonds Retro Golden Unisex Vintage Watch

I am selling this vintage retro quartz watch from Citizen.

The watch reference is 3220-940504 SMG, also written on the steel case back 30500659 32-6153 GN-4-S.

The watch is gold-plated and in good condition, but the dial has several deep scratches.

The watch has a new battery and works perfectly. It has two diamonds on the dark brown dial and five gold stripes.

The clock has a diameter of 25 mm, an attachment of 35 mm, and a height of 6 mm.

The bracelet is 20 mm with a total length of the watch of 22 cm.

Shipping in Germany is 10€, in the EU 25€ and outside is 50€

Preis : 49

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